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Last update: 1 October 2019

General Provisions and Contact Details

This document is a short summary of the Privacy Notice of Egis Gyógyszergyár Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (“Egis”) related to its customers, clients, contact persons of its contracting partners, recipients of its marketing communications, visitors of its plant units and other facilities and other data subjects. Each circumstances of data processing is described in more detail in the full version of the Privacy Notice.

Please note that only the full version of the Privacy Notice may be regarded as comprehensive information on the data processing carried out by Egis. This summary only enables you to understand the full Privacy Notice more easily.

Main contact details of Egis: 1106 Budapest, Keresztúri út 30-38., +36 1 803-5555,, and in privacy issues: or and the website at

Scope of Data processed and the purpose of data processing

Egis is basically engaged in the personal data processing activities listed below. The full version of the Privacy Notice contains the detailed description of data processing activities carried out by Egis, including the exact data retention periods. Certain data, such as the data which form part of documents that support accounting or appear in documents related to the conclusion of agreements between Egis and customers (e.g. purchase orders) or invoices issued, shall be kept by Egis for 5 years in accordance with the taxation laws or for 8 years in accordance with the accounting laws. In general the staff of the competent business divisions of Egis have access to data.

Administering requests of private individuals for support and responding to relevant persons. Name, contact details (email address, phone number), family circumstances, illness related data.
Responding to product related questions. Personal data provided by individuals asking questions in the question asked over the phone and by mail.
Administering reports on adverse reactions - data provided by individuals reporting adverse reactions in their reports, typically: name, contact details, data concerning illness. If the report is not made by the patient, then such data are typically the name, contact details of the healthcare professional making the report, the name of the patient treated by him/her, the patient’s contact details, age, gender, data concerning medicines taken, his/her illness, treatments used, laboratory test results, findings of examinations, complaints.
Obtaining official licenses and permits and complying with notification obligations necessary for Egis’ activity. Names, mother’s names upon birth, places and dates of birth, gender, citizenship, addresses of authority stakeholders and their deputies, the corporate official responsible for protection from radiation, company drug and drug precursor, professional qualifications with diploma numbers. Data are transferred to the competent authorities in the event of requests for data provision, typically to the following recipients: National Police Headquarters, National Nuclear Energy Authority, National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (“OGYÉI”), geographically competent Government Offices. Egis processes data while the relevant position is held.
Keeping records on certificates of fire protection exams of employees and external partners for legal compliance purposes. Names of the employees of contracting partners, number and validity of the certificate of the fire protection exam. Egis processes data for 3 years after the termination of employment or, in the case of contractual relationships, for 5 years.

Egis processes the data of applicants for the vacancies it advertises, including the data of applicants who apply for vacancies advertised on the career page at or on paper or by email for the following purposes.

Processing the personal data of applicants for the purpose of filling the posts advertised by Egis (recruitment). The name and contact details (address, telephone number, email address of applicants, and, as the case may be, the LinkedIn contact or their own professional websites), the content of the CV and motivation letter, profile photo attached to the CV, foreign language skills, information related to previous experience, place(s) of work, qualifications, skills and studies, preferred professional area, references and, where available, expected monthly salary. The CVs and applications may include personal data given voluntarily by applicants such as the place and date of birth, mother’s name upon birth, citizenship, Facebook, Skype identifier, mother-tongue, any other document in addition to the CV and motivation letter.


More information: Processing of the personal data of applicants for vacancies advertised by Egis

Data processing related to contractual partners and tenderers participating in a procurement process (communication, implementation of relevant contract, data processing related to persons involved in performance as well as students supplied by student job centers).

Processing data of contractual partners’ contact persons and persons involved in the performance of the contract for the purpose of fulfilling the contract (implementation on a daily level) and exercising rights related to the contract. Name and contact details (e-mail, telephone number, mobile number, fax number) of contact persons of contractual partners and of persons involved in the performance, and communication containing any personal data related to the contract (e.g. communication received from the contact person or any natural person acting on behalf of the partner). Data retention period: 5 years from the termination of the contractual relationship. 


Unless Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (the ‘Civil Code’) provides otherwise, claims are subject to a period of limitation of 5 years. If Egis indicates the limitation period during which a claim is enforceable as the duration of data processing, an act that interrupts the limitation will extend the duration of processing until the new time limit of the limitation (Civil Code, Section 6:25(2)). If limitation is suspended, the claim shall remain enforceable within one year from the time when the reason for suspension is eliminated or, in respect of a period of limitation of one year or less, within three months even if the period of limitation has already lapsed or there is less than the above periods of time remaining therein (Civil Code, Section 6:24(2)).

In accordance with Act C of 2000 on Accounting (the ‘Accounting Act’), Egis is obliged to retain ‘accounting records’, for example those which comprise documents supporting accounting or which feature in documents related to concluding a contract between Egis and one of its contractual parters (e.g. a contract or order), in documents supporting accounting or in an issued invoice. The 8-year data retention period stipulated in the Accounting Act is to be calculated from the date when an accounting entry connected with the data arises in a given year or when the report/accounting is based on the given data in any way. In practice, when the data appear in a contract under which several orders are made (e.g. advice is provided on a number of occasions under a contract), the 8 years are to be calculated separately from the date of each performance because separate invoices are issued for each performance which are the basis of the given transactions. If, for example, the data appear in a contract which stipulates the sale of a thing (the thing is delivered and thus the contract is discharged by performance), the transaction will be accounted in the given year based on the contract and the invoice, and the aforementioned 8-year period starts from that date.

More information:Data processing related to partners and tenderers

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